Monday, June 25, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Sometimes you get really, really lucky. Sometimes you're gifted a life where the Higher Power watches out for you. He makes sure you meet the right person, the one you'll spend your days with making a life, sharing a laugh, and shedding a tear. It's the one you were meant to be with because you know in your heart of hearts there isn't anyone out there more perfect for you than the one you're with. That's how I feel about Super Hubby - my perfect match, my guy, my soul mate, the love of my life. I look at his intense, yet gentle eyes, those cute little ears, and that humble smile that always suggests he's trying his darnedest, no matter what the task. Today is your birthday, Love, and I celebrate you for all you are and what you mean to our little family. We love you more than I think you'll ever realize in a lifetime, but we'll do our darnedest each day, showing you how special and important you are to us.
Happy Birthday, Super Hubby/Daddy!

251. I'm grateful I get to spend my life's journey with Super Hubby.
252. I'm grateful Super Hubby has given me the joy and purpose in my life: our son.
253. I'm grateful Super Hubby is so wise, of high moral character, honest, and funny.
254. I'm grateful Super Hubby works hard for us, each and every day, whether it's growing his own business or working daily on catching and pitching baseballs with our son.
255. I'm grateful I married my bestest friend.

Super Hubby, Kiddo, and a friend of ours all went out to brunch yesterday for a birthday celebration. The four of us came up with life's best wishes between bites of strawberry pancakes, omelets, and prime rib, so get ready, here it is: Long Life, Good Food, Great Friends! 

Gratitude can begin by thanking the people in your life that you love, and those that love you back, no matter what! My hope is that your list is a long one, for you are truly blessed. Want to know more about starting your own Gratitude Journal? Click here.

Who would you thank for being in your life? Who makes your days better?

You, LOVD reader, make my days better, too! Tomorrow is my 1-year Bloggy Anniversary. If you like and enjoy reading feel LOVD everyday, please consider following me via Google Friend Connect (found in the column to the right). I'd love to reach 100 Followers by June 26 and would be ever-so-thankful to you for helping me achieve that goal.
LOVD tidings, Lilly 

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