Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding Inspiration During Challenging Times

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Stay positive, friends! Despite any of our circumstances, we are living in extraordinary times. Dear reader, it is no accident that you are living today, not 100 years ago, or even 100 years from now. You are here today! These times are yours. For me, I've discovered some truths in these ever-changing times.

Anymore, it's not about getting ahead, it's about holding on to what you already have.

Anymore, it's not about buying your heart's desire, it's about hearting what can't be bought.

Anymore, it's not about working more, it's about working. Period.

Anymore, it's not about finding happiness, it's about being happy in spite of circumstance.

Anymore, it's not about what you believe, it's about how much you believe in it.

Anymore, it's not about only you, it's about the world around you.

The great irony of today's times lends to a paradigm between technology advancements and finding the simpler aspects of life.

How would you complete the sentence? Anymore it's not about ______________, it's about ____________.

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