Friday, September 16, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 12.

The ominous Autumn moon from our window one evening.
Goodbye meeting new bloggers who are fast becoming friends as we share our posts.
Goodbye inspiring school strategy meeting as we approach our centennial year in 2015.
Goodbye parent coffee meeting and taking over a back corner of Starbucks with new friends.
Goodbye warm weather as summertime becomes a faint memory.
Goodbye endless e-mails I must answer as it is my goal by end of day to day.

Hello newly born twin babies, new to mom and dad, new to the world. Congrats!
Hello spending some time doing some much needed weeding to neglected garden beds.
Hello to elephants crossing - wait- sorry, that was my son practicing trumpet.
Hello to experiential learning, off-campus, all next week, all fun!
Hello Autumn air hitting my senses with crispness and coolness - invigorating.

This week I learned the sweet spot of when to leave the house to take my son to school while avoiding rush hour traffic. This beautiful time of 7:25 am is a time that may not mean much to you, but my discovery of this sacred hour and minute means a less frazzled, calmer, more at peace me.

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Mumser said...

Love the photo, so spooky!


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