Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 13.

Goodbye exciting, off campus school-week filled with flint knaps, atlatl's, and digging discoveries.
Goodbye time passing unnoticed during lunch with a friend and then rushing to get our kids from school.
Goodbye summer that has been so good to us this year.
Goodbye new friend connections through blog posts that touch the heart at exactly the right moment.
Goodbye All My Children; your ride is commendable (what will my mom do with an extra hour in her day?).

Hello autumn filled with promise, adventure, and craftiness.
Hello Civil War Raid train ride that holds lots of promise.
Hello old friends reconnecting after too much time apart.
Hello to answered prayers.
Hello to realizing all the possibilities set before us and allowing wisdom to choose.

This week I learned you have to think positively to yield positive results. The power of the mind over our actions somehow turns our dreams into reality. But you have to believe with all your might that it will happen. It has to be as natural a thought as breathing.

Did you learn any life lessons this week you'd like to share?

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