Monday, September 12, 2011

Gratitude Journal Monday

Today is a difficult Monday to begin after yesterday's flooded memories of 9/11, a decade later. To honor, to pay tribute, to move ahead, to go on, even while carrying scars, to be better than before: no one does it better than America. Today's Gratitude Journal Monday is a remembrance of those lost on that day, those heroes of that day, and those that carry on in spite of that day.

46. I am grateful for all the courageous firefighters that were on the front lines that day doing their best to contribute to a situation never before dealt with on American soil.

47. I am grateful for the brave passengers of Flight 93 who used group effort and teamwork to probably save Washington D.C. from further danger and destruction.

48. I am grateful for the everyday office workers that became heroes as their unselfish efforts to get people to safety became their number one priority over saving themselves.

49. I am grateful for the memorial at Ground Zero because it allows for a final resting place for the innocent victims and gives their family members and friends a place to go and reflect.

50. I am ever so thankful for America's military who protect our freedoms and allow us to live life daily in peace without a second thought of what threats may be lurking.

Where were you on 9/11 a decade ago?


Lefty said...

I was in my third grade classroom. A fellow teacher needed to swap "specials" so I got TWO of my longest breaks of the week back to back. I was able to watch everything unfold on my classroom TV while my little students were not in the room. When they came back, it was numbing to know our nation was under attack, but "the show had to go on!" We suddenly put the school under lock down as bomb threats were reported on the freeway and in the vacinity. Parents were rushing and fighting to pick up their children and get them home. The uncertain was so scary.
A day I will never forget!

I am LOVD said...

Good for you for keeping your composure, Lefty! Were the children told why their parents were picking them up, or was that left to the parents?

Anonymous said...

beautiful gratitude, thank you.

that day is still very clear in my mind. i was working in the city. it was a beautiful sunny day, i remember. the subway wasn't working as a result of what happened so that day i walked over 50 blocks to get to my mother's place. she worked a block away from WTC and i wasn't able to get in contact with her. fortunately, she eventually made it home that day. she had to evacuate her workplace and head towards the river, away from the fumes, etc. she, til this day, suffers from respiratory illness. i lost a very good friend who, for that day only, was coordinating an event at the windows of the world. she arrived there extra early to make sure everything went smoothly and was planning on leaving early, except she never made it out. another friend who worked for cantor fitzgerald fell victim as well. still no remains found. very sad and i try not to put on the tv every 9/11 b/c it's just heartbreaking hearing the stories, the acts of courage by many who until this day suffer emotionally. i pray for the souls in heaven and the families left behind.

I am LOVD said...

As a nation, to mourn 9/11 is heart-wrenching even when the names inscribed at Ground Zero are faceless to many. But when those that know the face with the name remember, that feeling for me is unimaginable. I can't thank you enough for your comment and reminding us all that as deep as our sorrow goes, there are others whose sorrow goes far deeper than we could ever imagine. I'm sorry for the loss of your friends and I certainly hope your mother's breathing continues to clear as time passes. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.


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