Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I {Heart} Apple ... and Hubby, Too!

I really do {heart} Apple

Just a few Fridays ago you may have noticed I was saying goodbye to my poor little "A" key on my laptop computer's keyboard. My little MacBook had enough of my daily blogging and coughed up the "A" key in protest. Although I pressed on, not missing a beat of my blogging responsibility to the world, my SuperHero Hubby noticed my frustration and leaped into action to alleviate my frustration! Why? Because he knows a frustrated wife and mommy usually means a frustrated household (so, in fact, he was really saving himself).

Long story short, my keyboard was broken, not just the "A" key, it had other issues. SuperHubby, being in the business, made a few phone calls and discovered my 5-year old MacBook's keyboard was under Apple's warranty!!!! Now I have a brand new keyboard top, sporting a brand new track pad, and missing no keys, all for zero dollars, nada, zilch, zero, nothing! Can you believe it?

Look at the pretty, brand new keyboard
It's no secret how in love I am with Apple (read my homage to Steve Jobs). But dear readers, I wish you all could know the pleasure of owning an Apple computer. It is absolutely delightful and a sheer joy. Apple stands behind their products and, although they aren't perfect, they strive to make the customer experience one where you walk away being pleasantly surprised by their "go-the-extra-mile" attitude. Thank you Apple and SuperHubby for my new, free keyboard for my MacBook (did I mention it's a 5-year old computer?). Apple...you continue to amaze and delight.

Disclosure: I was not, in any way, paid by Apple. This endorsement is my own. My husband's business does, in fact, generate income due to the existence of Apple. My love for Apple, however, goes far beyond putting food on the table.

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