Friday, September 9, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 11.

When keys start falling off, it may be a sign you blog too much.
Goodbye "A" key on my computer - I miss you.
Goodbye singing in the shower from a boy who was asked to join the school's new Glee Club.
Goodbye Parents' Night and meeting teachers dedicated to our children's success.
Goodbye Caribou Coffee and hanging out with a great couple of gals that are so funny my cheeks still hurt.
Goodbye last summer "to-do" item - rock climbing.

Hello lounging around the house for a change.
Hello heading out to the farm for some apple cider, apple fritters, apple-anything.
Hello Quiditch team at school; sorting hat ceremony coming soon.
Ain't no mountain high enough...
Hello Friday Night Lights and catching marching band sounds trailing through the air and into our home.
Hello Autumn fever beginning to flow through my soul and excite my spirit.

This Labor Day week of posts allowed me to reflect on the various types of citizens that contribute to our nation's prosperity. The lesson I learned this week is that we all labor to live, but it is in the being, not the doing, that makes a life matter most.

Do you define yourself by who you are or what you do?

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