Thursday, September 8, 2011

Steve Jobs: The Father of "Do Better"

Lilana Slater from via Pinterest

If you have not had the privilege of owning an Apple product, then you have not had the honor to touch greatness. You have not had the experience to glimpse into a heart driven by finding a better way. And when you embark on the Apple journey, you too are infected by this longing for excellence, and adopt a new religion where mediocrity is a sin. Steve Jobs planted the seed of curiosity into the mind of all his followers that questioned why all the world's products, services, and lifestyles didn't fit the Apple way: a demand for excellence, for inventiveness, for beauty in its simplest form. If you don't know Apple, you don't know a better way. You don't know a smarter way. You don't know the pleasure of technology.
You don't know...

The feel and operation of any Apple product is instinctive. What other technology product operates as easily in the hands of a 3-year old as in the hands of a 99-year old? How is it possible? Because Steve Jobs squished the generational gap of technology, not by pushing his company to provide a product that just gets the function complete, but instead creating a product where form and function are orchestrated and intermingled into one and where the form is so overlying the function, the miracle behind it becomes as unseen as the Spirit; but it's there.

Steve Jobs changed the world. He gave us ease and beauty in productiveness. He infected us through the brilliance of his products, and at the same time, gave us a new standard of expectation. When enough people demand excellence, excellence will result. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for giving us excellence without us initially asking for it or even knowing we could get it. Thank you for giving us a better way because, for me, it is the only way.

Remain peaceful and find joy in every day ahead, Steve. Family, friends, and fans are sending good thoughts your way.

From a grateful Apple user that used to bleed 6 colors, and now just glows in excellence. Thanks.

The intention of this post was certainly not to offend PC-users. Apple fan or not, you have to give Steve Jobs credit for his impact on our world.

In honor of full disclosure, my husband's own business exists because Apple exists. And because of Apple, we have food on our table (and you know how much of a foodie I am) and a roof over our heads, along with other luxuries. I, however, was an Apple fan far before ever meeting my husband.

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Anonymous said...

"Beauty in its simplest form" ~ that is what I will always remember he gifted to the world. Thank you for this moving tribute.

xoxo michele


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