Thursday, October 27, 2011

Going Local: Chagrin Valley Antiques

Imagine walking into a store that cleverly disguises itself as the farmhouse home of your dreams. There is nothing majestic, grand, or new about this coveted dream home. No, it's more along the lines of vintage-aged; welcoming and inviting like the arms of a kind, old grandmother; cozy like a flannel blanket you wrap yourself up in on cold nights to warm the body as much as the soul. This embrace is felt as you enter through the front door via the front porch of Chagrin Valley Antiques. It's a quaint, unassuming place that holds so much treasure a sheer glimpse of the place can make one's heart skip a beat. 

Now that I've discovered for myself the wonders and magic this store of antiques, American folk art, and primitives holds, I can honestly say I am abashed at the shrugs I gave the place as I have passed it time and time again for years, always noticing the place, sometimes curious about it, but never stopping in for a looksie. What a mistake! Diana and Tom are the store's proprietors. Diana will more than likely greet you with her bubbly personality filled with spunk and a hint of a wild side from days gone by - but she's not telling. Immediately I can tell she's the kind of woman that never forgets a face. She represents the soul and personality of the place, and her husband, Tom, is, perhaps the quiet, unassuming glue that holds the place together. It's certainly a family affair and I think they make a great team.

OK, enough with the theatrical introductions, let's get on to the specifics of Chagrin Valley Antiques. If you love primitives, folk art, and antiques, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't go to this store now! Like, right now! Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go NOW! What's great about the place is they only sell Made in the USA! That's right, everything for sale is made right here, and right when we need it the most. Chagrin Valley Antiques is known for selling these gourds that are as individual as each human being breathing on Earth. The gourds are grown on a farm in Pennsylvania where they are picked, gutted, cleaned, dried, carved, and named - yes, each style of gourd has a name like George or Jack. These gourd guys are delightful and most come with a light attachment to really show off their carving. And, these gourds are seasonal, not just for Halloween. There are Uncle Sam gourds for Independence Day, Easter Bunny gourds, Christmas gourds - it's a year-round "gourd-geous" delight!

If you get a chance, treat yourself to your own feast for the eyes at Chagrin Valley Antiques. With each step the old, wood, wide-planked floors lead you to rooms awaiting to delight your senses. You never know which treasure will find a place into your home and heart.

Chagrin Valley Antiques
15605 Chillicothe Road (Route 306)
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

* I was not paid in anyway by Chagrin Valley Antiques for this rousing endorsement. My opinions and comments are my own and based solely on my own experience.


Lefty said...

I have driven past this store 3 times this fall on my way to Pattersons or the FarmParks and always think "I gotta go in there!" Thanks for the info and the recommendation. How would you say their pricing is? Pretty fair or would I need to sell one of my kids?

Betty Sneeringer said...

Well, I am glad you decided to go in. We never can know until we do our own investigation can we. I am really saddened because my all-time favarite antique store is closing! It has been operated for years by Mrs Halley but, the rent is going up too high!

I am LOVD said...

Specifically on the gourds, prices range from $12.00 to about $60. I found the antiques to be reasonably priced. Do you see that rusted Turkey in the picture montage (to row second from the left-hard to see)? I am so wanting that turkey, originally priced at $125, on sale for $30. If I had a place to store that turkey, it would be donning my mantle for the month of November, you can bet on it!

Unknown said...

nice to meet you!!! your site is so PRETTY!!! :) THANKS FOR LINKING!

Sharde said...

this looks like fun! :) i love all of these pictures! my first time here :)

sharde @ the style projects

Mrs M said...

that is so sweet. I'm loving how much America embrace halloween. We are here in our little home however people have mixed feelings about it here in Australia which is a little disapointing. Oh well, we won't let that hold us back. This shop is divine.

Nicole Wellon {evieLu} said...

LOVE your blog LOVE your blog design. Following you now from Follow Fest :). Hope to see you around my place sometime.


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