Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Boys of Summer

 I hired this remarkable, extraordinary teen to work with my son on baseball fundamentals this summer. He's on the local high school's baseball team and he completely breaks the stereotype of a "typical teenager". He showed up on his bike at our house twice per week, ready with patience and punctuality, to teach my son throwing, pitching, hitting, (and the secret baseball handshake).
Secret baseball handshake - shhh!
He's friendly, ambitious, confident but humble. When I talk with this kid I hear common sense, level-headedness, and clarity that is so refreshing to see in today's youth. He gives me hope that the next generation does have something to offer just writing that I feel like an old geezer. He dispels all the bad of typical teenage roles we so often see and squirm at on television.

He not only gave my son a better swing, throw, and catch, he became my son's new friend, mentor, and someone to look up to and say "that's the kind of teenager I want to be someday". Whether you like it or not, Mr. Teenage Athlete, you are a role model. Recognize that your actions are watched from afar by parents, friends, teachers, and yes, even little boys who know the difference between bad and good.
Thank you for the best baseball summer ever!

I believe fundamentals are the seed in helping to build a strong foundation for nurtured growth; so does an unexpected, but completely welcomed, friendship between two boys of summer.

Would you ever consider hiring a teenager to work with your child if they are particularly awesome in a specific area and you know your child would benefit from their teachings? In what areas?

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Lefty said...

I agree 100% about everything you wrote about Mr. Teenage Athlete. I would PAY for him to go to college locally so he would stay in the area. My boys were infected by his good-spiritied nature as well. What you see is what you get with him. Totally in a class of his own! Wish more teenagers were like him. Would I trust a teenager with my kids, or teach them something NOW? No...Mr. Teenage Athlete is the only one I have met so far that I would trust or want to put any sort of knowledge in my kids. I am hoping he has siblings coming up the rear that will be just like him....then I can steal them for babysitting! :) Maybe his parents can do a guest appearance blog post on what they did, their philosophies on raising him so I know what the secret is...and I am 100% serious about that! :)

I am LOVD said...

Yes! Why is it when you ask parents of great kids what their secret is they just stare back and say "no secret, he's just a good kid"? Yes! I know! That's the point which is why I'm asking how he got that way. The conversation just goes in circles and I have yet to discover "the secret". Great parents, stop holding back!!!!


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