Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Bother Calling Today

Pure Summer Bliss
Today I'll be busy with my boy. There will be no laundry to put away. There will be no clothes to iron. There will be no cleaning of any surface in the house. Today I will play. I will play all day with my son: LEGO's, Wii Bowling, crafts, bike riding, games, and more. It 's his call, not mine as to where our imaginations will wander. I plan on being on the floor most of the day where are those elastic waistband capris? just playing and playing. He has my undivided attention today (as soon as I publish this post).
Maybe we'll catch a friend?

It's the last week of summer break and he's had two day-long playdates on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday belongs to me! My son will be mine, all mine. We'll be face to face building with LEGO's, talking about make-believe scenarios. I want to just melt into this moment and freeze time; never to forget the purity of play.
Maybe we'll take lots of ice cream breaks?
I know we'll be playing LEGO's.
This week we will play hard.
This week we will rest hard.
Next week the hard work begins.

Are you spending the day with someone you love to pieces?

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Lefty said...

<<>> Enjoy the day!


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