Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's All Good

"Do not let your hearts be troubled." - John 14:1

This pillow in my foyer helps keep things in perspective for me.
We're living in tough times. It's difficult to stay positive in a world with so much upheaval, so much hate, and so much strife. Prices continue to rise at the pumps, at the grocery stores, and in our tax bills and our paychecks just don't follow that same increasing pattern. In fact, staying the course and not going in the other direction is a small victory.

Do not despair because all of these things have been the same for centuries. I'm sure our ancestors would attest there is never enough money to do everything you want to do or buy everything you want to buy. I'm not an economist or a financial expert, and I struggle each month to keep in-line with my own family's set budget. But the one thing I absolutely know is that worrying about it is not helping anyone and the stress of worrying only hurts the person doing the worrying. Think about a time where you worried about something that never even ended up happening. Make a decision today to be wise about the world around you and stop worrying about a bleak future that may never come to pass. Instead, make adjustments if you need to in order to take care of the present. Keep calm and carry on.

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