Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning from Children

One week ago today my son started 4th grade at a new school. He entered the school as a new student knowing practically no one. My son left behind buddies he's known since kindergarten to start a new journey. We're sacrificing a lot for my son to one day graduate from the same school my husband graduated from years ago. Aside from the financial sacrifice, I know I won't get pity because it is our choice every day I drive my son to school and pick him up, totaling 2 hours each day. Everyday during that drive we talk and talk and talk. I want to make sure he's handling the transition well. What I've discovered is how much my son has taught me about facing change and not being fearful of something new, even when you enter it alone. I know he's never really "alone" but since we're not glued to his hip while he's at school, we can only support him through telepathy at best during the day. 

His courage this past week is commendable and yet, completely expected if you know my son. He never shows his fear and he takes a positive perspective on the unexpected. I want to declare my admiration for his bravery and unyielding sense of adventure. I am so proud of his fearless spirit and, if I work at it, maybe I'll grow up to be more like my son someday.


My son's school had a ribbon cutting ceremony before school started for the new Early Childhood Learning Center (grades PreK to Kindergarten) that they renovated during the summer. To help introduce him to other students, I had my son participate in the choir singing the day's theme song. Although the song was written in honor of the new Early Childhood Center, I thought the song's words befitting for my own son because, as a new student at the school, this too is his new beginning. I share those words with you and hope they carry you through any new beginnings you may be experiencing.

A New Beginning
Music by Jacobson/Emerson

Dawn! A new Day! A fresh start! Together.
Light! The first light! Connections forever.

Fueled by a passionate spark;
Bound by a beacon of hope...

Led by the joy in our heart
To the start,
To the start.

A new beginning
Will start today.
A chance to change and learn and know
A better way.

A new beginning
Will start with me.
We'll find a way each day to change our destiny.
A dream that everyone can share and
See the light from everywhere.
A new beginning
Starts today!
Good luck to all the kiddos out there as they embark on a new school year! Any "new beginnings" in your life you'd like to share?

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