Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A LOVD {Giveaway}: Dazzle Gift Card

I cannot contain my excitement; I am bursting to announce my first giveaway (I'm hoping the first of many). To celebrate the first day of school, I am so thrilled to offer my sweet, beautiful readers a chance to win a gift card from Dazzle in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I wrote about this adorable little shop for girls a month ago. Click here to read all about Dazzle. Missy and Marcy, the wonderful co-owners of Dazzle, have given LOVD a $10 gift card to give away to one of you lucky ducks and winning couldn't be easier.

Not just for tweens and teens...precious baby stuff, too!

All you have to do to enter to win is do any or all of the following
(as many times as you want)
1. Leave a comment on today's post. How to leave a comment if you don't blog? No prob.
a. Click "Comment" at the end of this post
b. Type your comment in the "Leave your comment" box
c. Enter the word verification
d. Choose "Name/URL" as your identity if you don't know what the other choices are
e. Just put your name (or what you want to go by) in the Name Field
f. You don't have to put anything in the URL field - when the winner is picked, they'll have to claim the prize by e-mailing me on Thursday
g. Then click "Publish your comment"

2. You can also enter by entering your e-mail address to receive LOVD posts by e-mail
Do you see that field to the right and down a little ways? Those already subscribed are automatically entered to win!

3. You can visit Dazzle's Facebook page and "Like" them but you have to leave a comment that says "LOVD sent me!"

4. And finally, if you have a Google account you can Follow me! You'll find that in the right hand column, as well!

1. You can do any of those actions above as many times as you would like or have the time for

2. Every action counts as an entry

3. You only have until Wednesday, August 24 at 11:59 pm Pacific-time to enter; no comments or actions will be considered for entry after that time

4. Comments that are disparaging will not be considered and will be labeled as SPAM

5. The winner will be announced on Thursday, August 25th's post - YOU MUST CHECK BACK ON THAT DAY TO SEE IF YOU WON - the winner will have to then contact me via e-mail to claim their prize so I may send the gift card to a mailing address

6. Each comment and action will be assigned a number and a computer will randomly choose a number signifying a winner

7. Good luck and get busy!
Dazzle carries LOVD jewelry glass pendants

Mom may even find something for herself!
If you won the gift card would you buy something for yourself or someone else? 


rockolamamma said...

Am I the first one???

I am usually a lurker, but I'll post a comment this morning!
It's a refreshing break in the workday to get to read your blog messages everyday.

Marilyn Harman said...

This is fun! I am in North Carolina visiting a friend I used to teach with. School is starting up again but not for me. I am riding a bicycle, preparing dinner for friends, saw the movie "The Help" and enjoyed "game night" with board games last night. Hope I win a prize so I can go see "Dazzle."

OHmommy said...

We love Dazzle - the girls would love to go on a shopping spree. Thanks for the opportunity!

kakaty said...

My daughter loves Dazzle!

lefty said...

Would "lovd" to get my little niece a little something from dazzle!

MIT Mommy said...

Lovely blog, Lily. So excited to participate in this endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Dazzle is a darling little shop! The items I bought there were well received.
I love your blog! Peach bread made a delicious bundt cake. Thanks for the recipe!

Pam said...

Love your blog! It's very uplifting and a great way to start the day! Dazzle shopping sounds like fun. :)

Unknown said...

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Sophie Grace said...

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