Thursday, September 22, 2011

Accepting Your Journey

We move through our lives taking twists and turns like a champion chess player, making decisions to remain one step ahead of life's unpredictability. Back in college we had it all figured out; the type of guy we were going to marry, the kind of career we were going to have, the rock-star lifestyle we were going to lead. For many of us, we tasted it, making the path we planned a reality. But for how long?

We look at our lives and where we are today and compare it to the starstruck, naive plans of an ambitious, determined girl from the days of no responsibility. We were on our way, working the 9 to 5 gig and loving it; becoming our own person, standing on our own two stilettos and heading towards the penthouse, baby! We really were "Movin' on up"!

Suddenly, without any invitation from us life decides to change our game plan. Sometimes life allows us to choose our path making the direction more thoughtful, tricking us into thinking we're in charge of the change. Other times life doesn't give us a choice and we're forced into a direction, merging on to an unexpected on-ramp that has no berm, no exit. We have to press forward because if we turned around and went back, we'd be going the wrong way. Either way we have to view it all as our journey. Even when it's not where we planned we'd be, we have to take that moment of time in our lives, that season in which we are living in the present, and just bathe in the awesomeness of where we are right now, not where we were or where we may be in the future.

I never thought I'd go from being a career-minded, aerospace engineer (double majored in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, minored in economics, with an MBA) to a stay-at-home mom, daily blogger, handmade jewelry maker, (and college consultant on the side). I know I didn't get from there to here over night and it doesn't even mean I'll be the "new" me forever. What I do know is I have to be open to changing seasons in my life and to redirecting my journey. But in every stop I make along the way, I will enjoy the time there because the journey, for all it's glory, is my classroom in teaching me to become who I am supposed to be, provided I keep pressing on to my journey's end.

"And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."
- Galatians 6:9 

Are you going through a changing of the seasons in your life?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting me today - so glad I found your fantastic, inspirational blog! Fall always feels like a "new" year for me - my favorite season, the school year, my job (mirrors my children's school hours) ~ but as I push closer to mid life I see this journey as you said, as a classroom - and I am loving each and every minute of it.

xoxo michele

I am LOVD said...

Visiting your blog was my pleasure. I've been a subscriber for awhile but had not had the chance to comment. I wanted to do so today since we've been listening to Dragon Songs on the way to school and loving it. I not only love your blog, I believe in it!

Craftberry Bush said...

Beautifully written! I love the notion of living the now, but it's not always easy to do. I'm dreading my husband going away in two weeks and instead of enjoying our right now, I'm worrying about the future....thanks for your words of wisdom....xo

MIT Mommy said...

I miss our frequent meetings now that our schedules have changed. The journey must go on, but I try not to leave my friends at rest stops along the way! Is there time for coffee in your hectic schedule? Maybe Friday morning? Or next Thursday?

I am LOVD said...

Thank you! Rest stops can get kinda stinky so please don't leave me there. I think I'm good on Friday morning so just tell me a time and I'll be there! I have something scheduled but she hasn't gotten back to me, yet! I miss our talks, too! We're in-depth thinkers...few and far between.


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