Friday, March 2, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 36.

Goodbye Leap Day; see you in 4 years.
Goodbye March coming in like a lamb; let's keep the lion in its cage.
Goodbye playing teacher at school and absolutely loving everything about it.
Goodbye enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and sunshine.
Goodbye paying tribute to a town introduced to America for all the wrong reasons; grace endured.

Hello birthday wishes to Dr. Seuss - we've enjoyed your creativity immensely in our home.
Hello McDonald's Happy Meal Press Conference I'll be attending because I'm an invited blogger - cool!
Hello Super Hubby invoicing for the month of February - the weekend after a month ends isn't so much fun around here.
Hello researching the facts and making a voting decision for Super Tuesday - too much pressure.
Hello just chillin' out and enjoying time with the family.

This week's Lessons Learned is rooted in the Chardon High School tragedy that occurred this past Monday. I learned that bad things happen without any explanation. No understanding can come from such an act of destruction. And, I have to be OK with that. Not everything needs an explanation, no matter how bad or unexplainable it is. Sometimes, we're not supposed to know the reason why; sometimes, we just have to accept reality and go on from there. We are not the All-Knowing, and accepting that is true faith.


Unknown said...

I'm following you through GFC and Linky! THnaks for stopping by the other day!!! Xo, Aimee

momto8 said...

yep...bad things happen to good people...and it always stinks!

Anonymous said...

Your post on Chardon was beautiful - I'll be linking to it soon. I'm so behind right now... my feet are in Sunday but the rest of me is in last Tuesday. :)

xoxo michele


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