Monday, March 26, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Spring time has certainly arrived. Delicate buds on trees push their way through the hardened branches with a determination that cannot be stopped. You, too, are that bud, coming out of hibernation and awakening from your deep winter's slumber to finally emerge into the world and live the life you were born to live. Yet, the Cherry Blossom knows what it is supposed to be; it knows the role it plays in this world. Do you? Perhaps if you knew who you were supposed to be, you, too, would be just as determined to push your way to destiny. The Cherry Blossom will never try to be a rose, no matter how strongly it covets the crimson red bud. The Cherry Blossom can and will only be what it was born to be. I hope you realize the same. It took me well into adulthood to grasp this concept and some days, I still struggle to just be me. I forget sometimes, but remind myself that being anything but who I am is just too exhausting. The Cherry Blossom blooms its beauty without much of a struggle. It shouldn't take much more effort to be one's self. Being anybody else robs you of the unique plan for your life.

During this time of renewal and revival I think about the ways I can inject that same rebirth into my own life, without losing who I am meant to be. Beginning this Gratitude Journal has truly awoken my authentic spirit, and it can do the same for you. Not sure about the deeper benefits a Gratitude Journal can have in your life? Click here to see my beginnings.

In this journey of discovery and grace, mine continues here, every Monday. I'm so happy you could join me and welcome.

186. I am thankful for the unusual summer-like weather we had during the first week of spring break. 78 degrees in Cleveland, in the middle of March? Unheard of, but I'm not questioning, I'm just enjoying!

187. I am grateful my son has reached a level of maturity where he is able to play with the younger neighbor kids and take on more of a "big brother" role.

188.I am grateful Super Hubby is unwavering when it comes to his expectations of professionals and if he's not satisfied with their service or knowledge, he'll stand his ground and not be afraid to tell them so.

189. I am grateful we have another week of Spring Break to do all the things we wish we had gotten around to doing last week, but never did; it's like a second chance.

190. I am thankful for the peace and quiet night time brings so welcomed whispers of guidance can be heard more clearly.

What will the week bring? You cannot control the events to come, but you can control your attitude when reacting to the upcoming events. Happy Monday!


P & P said...

Love your writing...You have such a flair!
Thanks for such a wonderful time
this weekend!!
Precious family!

Lefty said...

Late in commenting, but wanted to agree with #2 on your list! :) So true! He is setting such a terrific example for the kids and they have really enjoyed their time with him!
As for your final quote: "You cannot control the events to come, but you can control your attitude when reacting to the upcoming events." I mentioned it to SO many people yesterday! Going into next week with our "event," I cannot help but repeat what you wrote over and over again. Your timing was impecable! It's my new if that post/quote was meant for me! Thank you, friend!

I am LOVD said...

Lefty, I'm so glad it spoke to you! I also wanted to add that attitude doesn't just come into play when triggered by an event. Before "the event" a positive attitude helps spur positive outcomes, too!!!


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