Friday, March 23, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 39.

Goodbye wide-eyes staring down dragons, unicorns, griffins, and more at an awesome new exhibit at the Natural History Museum: Mythical Creatures.
Goodbye yummy indulgence enjoying white pizza with broccoli and calamari as an appetizer.
Water balloon aftermath
Goodbye summer weather and water balloon battles.
Goodbye spending spring break with so many family and friends who shine brighter than the sunshine that has shone all this week.
Goodbye taking measures to explore some new opportunities that might prove the wait was all worth it.

Hello LEGO Star Wars event that is so cool, it occurs before the store even opens up for business in the morning.
Hello bowling birthday party and wondering what kind of gift would be as super cool as the birthday boy.
Hello planning and prepping for my own son's birthday party and hoping it'll be the best ever.
Hello exploring favorable options and dreaming of the possibilities.
Hello Grandma and Grandpa staying for only a quick visit, but making the best of our time together.

Short and sweet: the lesson I learned this week is no schedules and weather temperatures in Cleveland hotter than Honolulu in the middle of March can make for a very strange week.


Anonymous said...

Your son is adorable - love the shirt. I need your superwoman strength, Lilly - I should be planning our youngest boy's bday party and can't seem to get in the spirit of celebrating. This is a bad funk. Help! ;0

We are in a pickle as to what to do about The Hunger Games movie with Nick. I read the series first and then he read them; we both enjoyed the books and the overall message(they are easy, skimmable reads for us adults and honestly, I'm much more interested in seeing the characters and costumes come to life). But my friends have been calling all afternoon with mixed reviews - so I'm not sure I will take him until I've seen it first.

Please let me know if you read them.

xoxo michele

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Enjoy the planning and the party!

momto8 said...

happy birthday to your son! Legos and star wars are definitely a winning combination!!

I am LOVD said...

Thanks so much for commenting but, my son’s birthday isn’t until May. We’re still working out all the details. Yes, it takes this much time to plan the birthday parties around here as we take the birthday fun very seriously:-) Still haven’t revealed the party theme this year. Waiting until the invites are delivered! Stay tuned...


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