Monday, March 5, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Thank you. It's just two little words. They are two little words that when put together, are powerful and life-changing. When I first began my Gratitude Journal, click here for the start, it was something that I did, an action. But an interesting metamorphosis begins to take shape as you practice the art of gratitude. Gratitude begins as something you do, but over time, it becomes who you are, a grateful person. And, believe me, the Universe, the Higher Power, it takes notice and sits up, and watches as your heart fills with thanksgiving. Then, it gets to work and devises its own plan to pour blessings into your life because you've finally got its attention. It's your reward to finally "getting it", even if you've only scratched the surface. You begin to realize, you are not here for yourself, you are here for others. I hope you begin your own metamorphosis today. Get ready, your cup may runneth over.

171. I am grateful for the tireless snowplow trucks rumbling through the night to keep our streets safe and clean for the morning rush.

172. I am grateful my son is so easy-going and gracefully accepts situations (like when we told him last night we won't be going to Florida for spring break, a trip he was looking forward to).

173. I am grateful Super Hubby works so hard at his own business to bring in the funds to run this household; even if it means an entire weekend devoted to invoicing the previous month.

174. I am grateful our area has not seen Mother Nature's wrath as so many states have experienced so much destruction over the past week - the news images are unimaginable.

175. I am grateful for a family friend's unending positive attitude towards life, even in the midst of huge disappointment - he's an inspiration and fine example.

Still not convinced, huh? Then, ponder this...



Unknown said...

Great reminders of what to be thankful for!

Chrissy said...

This is such a great reminder, I know that way too often we get caught up in little things and don't take the time to appreciate everything that we have in life! Thanks!!

Brunella said...

amen. Così sia.


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